Women With The Whip Hand - ebook
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Women With The Whip Hand - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image: © kondradbak, Fotolia
  • ISBN: 9781937831059
  • Page Count: 155
  • Publish Date: 10/21/11
  • Word Count: 76224
  • Item #: PF6163e
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Women with the Whip Hand By Lindsay Ross

Lindsay Ross, author of Mortification of Isabel and other titillating tales of erotica, created a masterful collection of Femdom short stories with Women with the Whiphand.

In The Merciless Nurse, highly paid soccer star, Steve Wilson, breaks his leg in a match and is confined to his apartment. His misery is increased by the fact that his estranged girlfriend, Cheryl, wants nothing to do with him; in essence, he has no one to coddle him. Steve hires a foreign nurse, Zusa, and contemplates her performing intimate acts of care and attention. He thinks his life is starting to look up. When he lets it slip he is thinking of her this way, Zusa is greatly offended. She takes revenge by giving him repeated enemas and forces him to make a confessional video which she threatens to send to the media if he does not surrender to her.

Forced Into Petticoats introduces us to Tom Lawson while he is trespassing nude on Lady Brentford’s estate. He is caught by her ladyship’s two daughters of about the same age as he. Tom is whipped on his bare buttocks by both girls, Caroline and Vicky, before spending a night in the stocks, still naked, where he is beaten and sexually abused.

This alluring album of stories sends us on a wild trip of humiliation, cunnilingus, foot worshipping, flogging, masturbation, spanking, birching and much, much more!

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